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The new, the old, the good, the bad and the ugly!

www.transformu.com was done in 1999 amd is ongoing.

www.washingtonpest.com was done in 1999 and is ongoing.

Crisis, Choice , Greening Benefits and Links were done for Western Fuels Association in 1998-1999 and are ongoing.

www.climatechangedebate.org was done in 1999 and is ongoing.

www.qsbj.com is coming online sometime in 2000. (Unless we run out of plywood!)

www.nobile.com was done in 1998. This site uses sound and movie files done with the RealAudio encoder (5.0). This is an ongoing site.

www.cooksway.com uses animated gifs, RealAudio 3.0 and a tiny QuickTime movie, done three years ago. QuickTime now uses a much better compression algorithm. This is an ongoing site.

Graden Guitar Shop was the very first byDesign site, done in late 1994. It is updated yearly.

PowervisioN and NAAQS are now maintained by their owner, David Wojick.

The Laurel Highlands Railroad site was done in conjunction with Cooksway in 1995, and is ongoing.

Treasures Along the Rail was done in 1998, and is ongoing.

Black Cat Books was done in 1996, and is ongoing.

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