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(1) Clean Air NAAQS and OTAG

(2) the Electric Power Industry (below), by

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Who we are and What we do.

Powervision does public policy analysis and strategic planning. We specialize in seeing deep trends where others see only confusion, using cognitive science.

(See Resume of David Wojick)

For example, the Electric Power Industry is in turmoil thanks to coming competition. We're watching closely to forecast where the industry, and the price of electricity, are going. The cost of coal at different power plants is a key factor, but only one of many. So is the cost of pending Clean Air Act NAAQS  and transport regulations being imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency. To follow this saga we recommend the Electricity Daily and Journal. (We wrote some of the Daily articles found on the NAAQS pages.)

Speaking of ozone, we're watching the Ozone Transport Assessment Group (Oh-tag) and EPA come up with an ozone transport control strategy for the eastern most 37 states. OTAG and EPA are ignoring the fact that the controls they propose will actually increase ozone levels in urban areas. Here's how. This is a train wreck in progress. See our NAAQS on the Web pages for stuff.

We don't care what the issue is as long as it's big and deep. We are absolutely independent and have a bunch of dynamite tools to boot. These include formal models of the logic of complex issues, the structure of technology, and the dynamics of information.

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